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                                                             SERVICES OFFERED


Typical service packages for individuals and sponsors are outlined below.

Individuals are charged a flat fee (not based on value of investments) that depends on the complexity of the undertaking. Annual fees generally range from $500 - $2500. 

Fees for Plan sponsor are based on the type and level of service required and,  frequency of reporting and meetings. Fixed or hourly fees are negotiated. Special projects related to pensions and taxes can also be undertaken. 

Individuals  - typical service package 

1) Preparation and maintenance of a formal financial plan (emphasis is on cash flows and tax) 

2) Minimum 2 annual review meetings  (always available to answer queries anytime)

3) Quarterly Review report  (written) 

4) Tax planning and annual tax return preparation  (part of annual fee but may be an additional charge for a complex return)

5) Education and assistance with investing and estate and trust issues etc.

6) Monthly Newsletter and alerts about changes and events that may impact you 

The above are part of the annual package fee unless noted otherwise 

7) Special projects (cost depends on the nature, complexity, and expected time requirement of the project)

PensionAdvisor's Objective:   Maximize retirement income and minimize tax paid. 

Plan Sponsors - typical service package 

1) Governance Audit  (an audit is immediately be undertaken for new clients)  

2) Governance document preparation and/or maintenance 

3) Formal Quarterly Report covering current issues, investments, and updates 

4) Education - seminars for pension committees of employees

5) Assitance preparing pension meeting agendas

6) Provide a formal pension meeting report 

7) Preparation of pension meeting Minutes

8) Undertake regular formal fee reviews 

9) Assist in developing effective employee communications     

PensionAdvisor's Objective: Maximize the benefits and effectiveness of a pension program and minimize fiduciary risks 

The PensionAdvisor's mission is to help you achieve your objectives and reduce your workload, legal risks, costs, and stress levels with excellent experienced and tailored service at a very low cost!


Contact us   or 778-866-6066

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