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Federal Income Tax (ITA) and Pension Legislation and Regulations

In this section information about the Federal Income Tax Act pertaining to pension and Income issues. Each province also has income tax and pension legislation and regulations. See  Provincial Legilation 

#1 The Income Tax Act (ITA)  re: Pensions 

#2 Canada - Pension Benefts Standards Act - 1985  

#3 Canada - Pension Benefts Standards Act - 1985  Regulations  

#4 Trust Guidelines - CRA

#1 The Income Tax Act (ITA)  re: Pensions 

There are specific requirements for the various types of pension and savings plans under the Income Tax Act. These

are applicable across Canada. The Income Tax Act covers federal and provincial registered plans covered

under provincial and federal pension legislation as well as various savings plans not covered by federal or

provincial pension legislation. For example, Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSPs), Tax-Free Savings Accounts

(TFSAs), Registered Education Savings Plans (RESPs) etc. are tax-assisted savings programs under the Income Tax.

They are not (registered) pension programs covered by pension legislation.  

A Personal Penson Plans (PPP) is a type of registered pension plan DB plan under the ITA and available to incorporated

professionals and entrepreneurs. OSFI supervises federally regulated private pension plans and the Superintendent

pursuant to the Pension Benefits Standards Act, 1985 ...

Pooled Registered Pension Plans (PRPPs) are similar to DC plans or RRSPs but are covered under separate federal

legislation (Pooled Registered Pension Plan Act). The CAPSA Guidelines would be applicable to PRPPs.

ITA - Conditions Applicable to all Pension Plans ... - Chapter 8 - 8502 – Jul 2019 

Section 147.2(4) of the ITA provides for the deduction from income of member contributions to an RPP.

Subparagraph 8502(b)(ii) of the regulations ...

#2 Canada - Pension Benefts Standards Act - 1985  

The federal Pension Benefits Standards Act is also applicable across Canada. This Act applies to federally registered

and private pension plans.  The Act  can be viewed at:

Many private plans are registered provincially in which case provincial legislation applies. 

#3 Canada - Pension Benefts Standards Act - 1985  Regulations  

The regulations accompanying the Pension Benefts Standards Act can be viewd at:

#4 Trust Guidelines - CRA

Trusts come in many forms, can be very comp[lex and have special tax rules 

Trusts are set for specific purposes and can be quite complex legally and administratively. There are many different types of trusts usted in the investment world. The tax rules related to each type of trust can be complex and confusing but relatively simple trusts are also available. CRA provides an explanation of the tax treatment of trusts.  



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