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                          The PensionAdvisor - Articles and Publications 

PensionAdvisor articles which appear in various publications are listed below. 

Financial Executive Institute   (FEI) 

   Dec 2021  Decumulation ready or not!


   Jan 2022  What is good pension Governance 


    Feb 15, 2022 Target Date Funds - a potential legal mine field


   April 6, 2020  Should a sponsor include a TFSA as part of a pension package?


Benefits Canada (Canadian Investment Review)

       April 2021   Why decumulation is a challenge for CAPs  


     June 2020  Now is the time to fix capital accumulation plans



      Feb 2019     Sounding Board: Investment risk considerations for CAP sponsors



      Oct 2018  Understanding CAP management fees    



     Oct 2018   Understanding CPP’s shortcomings


     Sept 2018  Fees and fiduciary risk


     April 2016  The Trouble With Fee Disclosure in DC Plans


     Dec 2016  Why Solvency Reform Won’t Make It Better


     Jan 2016   Are You Ready for CAP Decumulation?


     June 2015 Education Risk in CAP Plans


     May 2015   The Dead Money Syndrome


     Mar 2015   CAPs: When less is more


     Jan 2015   Expand OAS, Not CPP


     Dec 2014  Why It’s Time For a Fourth Pillar


      April 2014 The Cost of PRPPs


      April 2014 Is SRI Right For Pension Plans?


      Mar 2014  Want a Perfect PRPP? Go Passive


      Feb 2014  PRPPs: Missing the Golden Opportunity 


      Jan 2014 The X-Factor in DC Plans


      Aug 2013 GICs: Risky Business for CAPs


       Feb 2013  Benchmark Bamboozle


       Sept 2012 Why CAPs Should Get Passive


       June 2012 BC Puts Spotlight on Pension Governance


        Feb 2012 DC Plans: Fatally Flawed


        Jan 2012 PRPPs: The Unintended Consequences


        Oct 2011 Canada’s “Safe Harbor” Rules


        Aug 2011 Converting from DB to DC?


       Aug 2011 Monitoring Your CAP Advisor


        Aug 2011 Evaluating Your Record Keeper


       July 2011 CAP Manager Fees and Performance


      Jun 2011 The Impact of Fees on CAP Members


       April 2011 Who Killed the DB Plan?


       Feb 2011  Sizing Up TDFs


        Feb 2011 The Trouble With TDFs: More Conceptual Hurdles


        Feb 2011 Target-Date Funds: The Conceptual Hurdles


       Jan 2011  The Target Date Timing Bomb


       Jan 2011  The Downside of PRPPs




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